tacker.nfvo.drivers.vnffg.abstract_vnffg_driver module

class tacker.nfvo.drivers.vnffg.abstract_vnffg_driver.VnffgAbstractDriver

Bases: PluginInterface

abstract create_chain(name, fc_id, vnfs, symmetrical=False, auth_attr=None)

Create service function chain and returns an ID

abstract create_flow_classifier(name, fc, auth_attr=None)

Create flow classifier and returns an ID

abstract delete_chain(chain_id, auth_attr=None)

Delete service function chain

abstract delete_flow_classifier(fc_id, auth_attr=None)

Delete flow classifier

abstract get_description()
abstract get_name()

Return a symbolic name for the Tacker VNFFG SFC driver.

abstract get_type()

Return one of predefined type of Tacker drivers.

abstract update_chain(chain_id, fc_ids, vnfs, symmetrical=False, auth_attr=None)

Update service function chain

abstract update_flow_classifier(fc_id, fc, auth_attr=None)

Update flow classifier