tacker.objects.heal_vnf_request module

class tacker.objects.heal_vnf_request.HealVnfAdditionalParams(context=None, **kwargs)

Bases: TackerObject

VERSION = '1.0'
property cause
fields = {'cause': List(default=<class 'oslo_versionedobjects.fields.UnspecifiedDefault'>,nullable=False), 'parameter': String(default=<class 'oslo_versionedobjects.fields.UnspecifiedDefault'>,nullable=False)}
property parameter
class tacker.objects.heal_vnf_request.HealVnfRequest(context=None, **kwargs)

Bases: TackerObject

VERSION = '1.2'
property additional_params
property cause
fields = {'additional_params': Dict(default={},nullable=True), 'cause': String(default=None,nullable=True), 'legacy_additional_params': List(default=[],nullable=False), 'stack_id': String(default=,nullable=True), 'vnfc_instance_id': List(default=[],nullable=True)}
property legacy_additional_params
obj_make_compatible(primitive, target_version)

Make an object representation compatible with a target version.

This is responsible for taking the primitive representation of an object and making it suitable for the given target_version. This may mean converting the format of object attributes, removing attributes that have been added since the target version, etc. In general:

  • If a new version of an object adds a field, this routine should remove it for older versions.

  • If a new version changed or restricted the format of a field, this should convert it back to something a client knowing only of the older version will tolerate.

  • If an object that this object depends on is bumped, then this object should also take a version bump. Then, this routine should backlevel the dependent object (by calling its obj_make_compatible()) if the requested version of this object is older than the version where the new dependent object was added.

  • primitive – The result of obj_to_primitive()

  • target_version – The version string requested by the recipient of the object


oslo_versionedobjects.exception.UnsupportedObjectError if conversion is not possible for some reason

property stack_id
property vnfc_instance_id