tacker.tosca.utils module

tacker.tosca.utils.get_policies_from_dict(vnfd_dict, policy_type=None)

Return local defs for ToscaTemplate

It’s a remedy to avoid a failure for a busy access while importing remote definition in a TOSCA template. While instantiating a ToscaTemplate obj with given local_defs arg, it uses a local file instead of remote one by referring the local defs returned from this function. The returned value is a dict consists of entries of url and local path such as below.

    "https://forge.etsi.org/.../aaa.yaml": "/path/to/aaa.yaml",
    "https://forge.etsi.org/.../bbb.yaml": "/path/to/bbb.yaml"

A set of url and local file path as a dict

tacker.tosca.utils.update_nested_scaling_resources(nested_resources, unsupported_res_prop=None, grant_info=None, inst_req_info=None)