tacker.vnfm.mgmt_drivers.abstract_driver module

class tacker.vnfm.mgmt_drivers.abstract_driver.VnfMGMTAbstractDriver

Bases: PluginInterface

abstract get_description()
abstract get_name()

Return a symbolic name for the service VM plugin.

abstract get_type()

Return one of predefined type of the hosting vnf drivers.

abstract mgmt_call(plugin, context, vnf, kwargs)
mgmt_create_post(plugin, context, vnf)
mgmt_create_pre(plugin, context, vnf)
mgmt_delete_post(plugin, context, vnf)
mgmt_delete_pre(plugin, context, vnf)
mgmt_get_config(plugin, context, vnf)

Get a dict of objects.

Returns dict of file-like objects which will be passed to hosting vnf. It depends on drivers how to use it. for nova case, it can be used for meta data, file injection or config drive i.e. metadata case: nova –meta <key>=<value> file injection case: nova –file <dst-path>:<src-path> config drive case: nova –config-drive=true –file <dst-path>:<src-path>

abstract mgmt_ip_address(plugin, context, vnf)
mgmt_update_post(plugin, context, vnf)
mgmt_update_pre(plugin, context, vnf)