Functional testcases for tacker

Purpose of functional testcases is to verify various functionality of tacker features. From tacker home directory, testcases are located at tacker/tests/functional.

Writing a testcase:A testcase is written by declaring a class name derived from class base.BaseTackerTest. BaseTackerTest is class declared in tacker/tests/functional/vnfd/

A testcase body typically looks as below:

class vnfClassName(base.BaseTackerTest):

  def test_create_delete(self):

    //Testcase operations

    //validations or asserts


In above example test class ‘vnfClassName’ is derived from base.BaseTackerTest. Testcases typically has sections to setup, test, validate results and finally cleanup.

Input yaml files: These are input files used in testcases for operations like create vnfd or create vnf. The location of files is samples/tests/etc/samples/.

requirements.txt and test-requirements.txt : The file requirements.txt and test-requirements.txt lists all the packages needed for functional test. These packages are installed during devstack installation. If there are any new packages needed for functional test make sure they are added in test-requirements.txt.

Asserting values in testcase: The base class BaseTackerTest inherits base.TestCase which has inbuild assert functions which can be used in testcase. Eg: assertIsNotNone, assertEqual

Tacker-client: In we instantiate tackerclient object which has apis to create/delete/list vnfd/vnf once given the necessary parameters. Verify tackerclient/v1_0/ for all the tacker related apis supported.

Important guidelines to follow:

  • Install test-requirements.txt with below command:

pip install -r test-requirements.txt
  • It is important that the test case executed leaves the system in the same state it was prior to test case execution and not leave any stale data on system as this might affect other test cases.

  • There should not be any dependencies between testcases which assume one testcase should be executed and be passed for second testcase.

  • Testcases in tox environment may be executed in parallel. The order in which the testcases are executed may vary between two environments.

  • The code added should meet pep8 standards. This can be verified with following command and ensuring the code does not return any errors.

tox -e pep8

Execution of testcase:

  • Install tacker server via devstack installation, which registers tacker service and endpoint, creates “nfv_user” and “nfv” project, and registers default VIM with the created user and project.

  • From tacker directory, all function testcases can be executed using following commands:

tox -e functional
  • Or from tacker directory, specific testcases can be executed using following commands:

tox -e functional<testcase>

Committing testcase and opening a review:

Sample testcase: