The tacker.agent.linux.utils Module

The tacker.agent.linux.utils Module

tacker.agent.linux.utils.create_process(cmd, root_helper=None, addl_env=None, debuglog=True)

Create a process object for the given command.

The return value will be a tuple of the process object and the list of command arguments used to create it.

tacker.agent.linux.utils.execute(cmd, root_helper=None, process_input=None, addl_env=None, check_exit_code=True, return_stderr=False, debuglog=True)

Retrieve a list of the pids of child processes of the given pid.

tacker.agent.linux.utils.replace_file(file_name, data)

Replaces the contents of file_name with data in a safe manner.

First write to a temp file and then rename. Since POSIX renames are atomic, the file is unlikely to be corrupted by competing writes.

We create the tempfile on the same device to ensure that it can be renamed.

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