The tacker.common.utils Module

The tacker.common.utils Module

Utilities and helper functions.

tacker.common.utils.change_memory_unit(mem, to)

Changes the memory value(mem) based on the unit(‘to’) specified.

If the unit is not specified in ‘mem’, by default, it is considered as “MB”. And this method returns only integer.

tacker.common.utils.deep_update(orig_dict, new_dict)
tacker.common.utils.deprecate_warning(what, as_of, in_favor_of=None, remove_in=1)
tacker.common.utils.find_config_file(options, config_file)

Return the first config file found.

We search for the paste config file in the following order: * If –config-file option is used, use that * Search for the configuration files via common cfg directories :retval Full path to config file, or None if no config file found

tacker.common.utils.generate_resource_name(resource, prefix='tmpl')

Verify that address represents a valid IPv4 address.

tacker.common.utils.load_class_by_alias_or_classname(namespace, name)

Load class using stevedore alias or the class name

Load class using the stevedore driver manager :param namespace: namespace where the alias is defined :param name: alias or class name of the class to be loaded :returns: class if calls can be loaded :raises ImportError: if class cannot be loaded

tacker.common.utils.subprocess_popen(args, stdin=None, stdout=None, stderr=None, shell=False, env=None)
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