The tacker.nfvo.drivers.vim.abstract_vim_driver Module

The tacker.nfvo.drivers.vim.abstract_vim_driver Module

class tacker.nfvo.drivers.vim.abstract_vim_driver.VimAbstractDriver

Bases: tacker.api.extensions.PluginInterface

authenticate_vim(context, vim_obj)

Authenticate VIM connection parameters

Validate authentication credentials and connectivity of VIM

delete_vim_auth(context, vim_id, auth)

Delete VIM auth keys

Delete VIM sensitive information such as keys from file system or DB

deregister_vim(context, vim_obj)

Deregister VIM object from NFVO plugin

Cleanup VIM data and delete VIM information

encode_vim_auth(context, vim_id, auth)

Encrypt VIM credentials

Encrypt and store VIM sensitive information such as password


Get VIM name

Return a symbolic name for the VIM driver.


Get VIM Driver type

Return one of predefined types of VIMs.

get_vim_resource_id(vim_obj, resource_type, resource_name)

Parses a VIM resource ID from a given type and name

  • vim_obj – VIM information
  • resource_type – type of resource, such as network, compute
  • resource_name – name of resource, such at “test-network”

ID of resource

register_vim(context, vim_obj)

Register VIM object in to NFVO plugin

Validate, encode and store VIM information for deploying VNFs.

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