The tacker.vnfm.infra_drivers.abstract_driver Module

The tacker.vnfm.infra_drivers.abstract_driver Module

class tacker.vnfm.infra_drivers.abstract_driver.DeviceAbstractDriver

Bases: tacker.api.extensions.PluginInterface

create(plugin, context, vnf)

Create vnf and return its id.

create_wait(plugin, context, vnf_dict, vnf_id)

wait for vnf creation to complete.

delete(plugin, context, vnf_id)
delete_wait(plugin, context, vnf_id)

Return a symbolic name for the service VM plugin.

get_resource_info(plugin, context, vnf_info, auth_attr, region_name=None)

Fetches optional details of a VNF


Return one of predefined type of the hosting vnf drivers.

update(plugin, context, vnf_id, vnf_dict, vnf)
update_wait(plugin, context, vnf_id)
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