Source code for taskflow.engines.action_engine.completer

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

#    Copyright (C) 2014 Yahoo! Inc. All Rights Reserved.
#    Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may
#    not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain
#    a copy of the License at
#    Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
#    distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT
#    WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
#    License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations
#    under the License.

import abc
import weakref

from oslo_utils import reflection
from oslo_utils import strutils

from taskflow.engines.action_engine import compiler as co
from taskflow.engines.action_engine import executor as ex
from taskflow import logging
from taskflow import retry as retry_atom
from taskflow import states as st

LOG = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs] class Strategy(object, metaclass=abc.ABCMeta): """Failure resolution strategy base class.""" strategy = None def __init__(self, runtime): self._runtime = runtime
[docs] @abc.abstractmethod def apply(self): """Applies some algorithm to resolve some detected failure."""
def __str__(self): base = reflection.get_class_name(self, fully_qualified=False) if self.strategy is not None: strategy_name = else: strategy_name = "???" return base + "(strategy=%s)" % (strategy_name)
[docs] class RevertAndRetry(Strategy): """Sets the *associated* subflow for revert to be later retried.""" strategy = retry_atom.RETRY def __init__(self, runtime, retry): super(RevertAndRetry, self).__init__(runtime) self._retry = retry
[docs] def apply(self): tweaked = self._runtime.reset_atoms([self._retry], state=None, intention=st.RETRY) tweaked.extend(self._runtime.reset_subgraph(self._retry, state=None, intention=st.REVERT)) return tweaked
[docs] class RevertAll(Strategy): """Sets *all* nodes/atoms to the ``REVERT`` intention.""" strategy = retry_atom.REVERT_ALL def __init__(self, runtime): super(RevertAll, self).__init__(runtime)
[docs] def apply(self): return self._runtime.reset_atoms( self._runtime.iterate_nodes(co.ATOMS), state=None, intention=st.REVERT)
[docs] class Revert(Strategy): """Sets atom and *associated* nodes to the ``REVERT`` intention.""" strategy = retry_atom.REVERT def __init__(self, runtime, atom): super(Revert, self).__init__(runtime) self._atom = atom
[docs] def apply(self): tweaked = self._runtime.reset_atoms([self._atom], state=None, intention=st.REVERT) tweaked.extend(self._runtime.reset_subgraph(self._atom, state=None, intention=st.REVERT)) return tweaked
[docs] class Completer(object): """Completes atoms using actions to complete them.""" def __init__(self, runtime): self._runtime = weakref.proxy(runtime) self._storage = self._undefined_resolver = RevertAll(self._runtime) self._defer_reverts = strutils.bool_from_string( self._runtime.options.get('defer_reverts', False)) self._resolve = not strutils.bool_from_string( self._runtime.options.get('never_resolve', False))
[docs] def resume(self): """Resumes atoms in the contained graph. This is done to allow any previously completed or failed atoms to be analyzed, there results processed and any potential atoms affected to be adjusted as needed. This should return a set of atoms which should be the initial set of atoms that were previously not finished (due to a RUNNING or REVERTING attempt not previously finishing). """ atoms = list(self._runtime.iterate_nodes(co.ATOMS)) atom_states = self._storage.get_atoms_states( for atom in atoms) if self._resolve: for atom in atoms: atom_state, _atom_intention = atom_states[] if atom_state == st.FAILURE: self._process_atom_failure( atom, self._storage.get( for retry in self._runtime.iterate_retries(st.RETRYING): retry_affected_atoms_it = self._runtime.retry_subflow(retry) for atom, state, intention in retry_affected_atoms_it: if state: atom_states[] = (state, intention) unfinished_atoms = set() for atom in atoms: atom_state, _atom_intention = atom_states[] if atom_state in (st.RUNNING, st.REVERTING): unfinished_atoms.add(atom) LOG.trace("Resuming atom '%s' since it was left in" " state %s", atom, atom_state) return unfinished_atoms
[docs] def complete_failure(self, node, outcome, failure): """Performs post-execution completion of a nodes failure. Returns whether the result should be saved into an accumulator of failures or whether this should not be done. """ if outcome == ex.EXECUTED and self._resolve: self._process_atom_failure(node, failure) # We resolved something, carry on... return False else: # Reverting failed (or resolving was turned off), always # retain the failure... return True
[docs] def complete(self, node, outcome, result): """Performs post-execution completion of a node result.""" handler = self._runtime.fetch_action(node) if outcome == ex.EXECUTED: handler.complete_execution(node, result) else: handler.complete_reversion(node, result)
def _determine_resolution(self, atom, failure): """Determines which resolution strategy to activate/apply.""" retry = self._runtime.find_retry(atom) if retry is not None: # Ask retry controller what to do in case of failure. handler = self._runtime.fetch_action(retry) strategy = handler.on_failure(retry, atom, failure) if strategy == retry_atom.RETRY: return RevertAndRetry(self._runtime, retry) elif strategy == retry_atom.REVERT: # Ask parent retry and figure out what to do... parent_resolver = self._determine_resolution(retry, failure) # In the future, this will be the only behavior. REVERT # should defer to the parent retry if it exists, or use the # default REVERT_ALL if it doesn't. if self._defer_reverts: return parent_resolver # Ok if the parent resolver says something not REVERT, and # it isn't just using the undefined resolver, assume the # parent knows best. if parent_resolver is not self._undefined_resolver: if parent_resolver.strategy != retry_atom.REVERT: return parent_resolver return Revert(self._runtime, retry) elif strategy == retry_atom.REVERT_ALL: return RevertAll(self._runtime) else: raise ValueError("Unknown atom failure resolution" " action/strategy '%s'" % strategy) else: return self._undefined_resolver def _process_atom_failure(self, atom, failure): """Processes atom failure & applies resolution strategies. On atom failure this will find the atoms associated retry controller and ask that controller for the strategy to perform to resolve that failure. After getting a resolution strategy decision this method will then adjust the needed other atoms intentions, and states, ... so that the failure can be worked around. """ resolver = self._determine_resolution(atom, failure) LOG.debug("Applying resolver '%s' to resolve failure '%s'" " of atom '%s'", resolver, failure, atom) tweaked = resolver.apply() # Only show the tweaked node list when trace is on, otherwise # just show the amount/count of nodes tweaks... if LOG.isEnabledFor(logging.TRACE): LOG.trace("Modified/tweaked %s nodes while applying" " resolver '%s'", tweaked, resolver) else: LOG.debug("Modified/tweaked %s nodes while applying" " resolver '%s'", len(tweaked), resolver)