Tempest and Plugins compatible version policy

Tempest and its plugins are responsible for the integrated testing of OpenStack. These tools have two use cases:

  1. Testing upstream code at gate

  2. Testing Production Cloud

Upstream code is tested by the master version of branchless Tempest & plugins for all supported stable branches in Maintained phase.

Production Cloud can be tested by using the compatible version or using master version. It depends on the testing strategy of cloud. To provide the compatible version of Tempest and its Plugins per OpenStack release, we started the coordinated release of all plugins and Tempest per OpenStack release. These versions are the first set of versions from Tempest and its Plugins to officially start the support of a particular OpenStack release. For example: OpenStack Train release first compatible versions Tempest plugins version.

Because of branchless nature of Tempest and its plugins, first version released during OpenStack release is not the last version to support that OpenStack release. This means the next (or master) versions can also be used for upstream testing as well as in production testing.

Since the Extended Maintenance policy for stable branch, Tempest started releasing the end of support version once stable release is moved to EM state, which used to happen on EOL of stable release. This is the last compatible version of Tempest for the OpenStack release moved to EM.

Because of branchless nature as explained above, we have a range of versions which can be considered a compatible version for particular OpenStack release. How we should release those versions is mentioned in the below table.

First compatible version ->

OpenStack ‘XYZ’

<- Last compatible version

This is the latest version released when OpenStack ‘XYZ’ is released. Example: Tempest plugins version

This is the version released when OpenStack ‘XYZ’ is moved to EM state. Hash used for this should be the hash from master at the time of branch is EM not the one used for First compatible version

Tempest & the Plugins should follow the above mentioned policy for the First compatible version and the Last compatible version. so that we provide the right set of compatible versions to Upstream as well as to Production Cloud testing.