Module - package

This module provides for the following ansible plugin:

  • package

Module Documentation

This is an action plugin shim that will intercept the use of the standard package module. The intention of this shim is to ensure the package module respects the option tripleo_enable_package_install which is used to control the installation of packages through a deployment.

This plugin will do nothing if tripleo_enable_package_install is unset thereby allowing ansible to function normally. When the global option is present the plugin will evaluate its truthiness and react accordingly.

  • False - No action taken, task will be marked as skipped.

  • True - Package installation happens normally.

If this module encounters an error while processesing the module will proceed as if the option tripleo_enable_package_install is unset which ensures ansible tasks are handled correctly no matter the context in which they are executed.

Anytime this module results in a "skip" a message will be made available which indicates why it was skipped. Messages will only be visualized when debug mode has been enabled or through registering a variable and using it a task which can print messages; e.g. debug or fail.



Boolean option to enable or disable package installations. This option can be passed in as a task var, groupvar, or hostvar. This option is NOT a module argument.


Kevin Carter (@cloudnull)

Example Tasks

- name: Run Package Installation
    name: mypackage
    state: present
    tripleo_enable_package_install: true