Debugging actions

Let’s assume the action is written, added to setup.cfg but is still not being invoked as expected in the CLI. Firstly, check if the action was added by sudo mistral-db-manage populate. Run

mistral action-list -f value -c Name | grep -e '^tripleo.undercloud'

If you don’t see your actions check output of sudo mistral-db-manage populate as

sudo mistral-db-manage populate 2>&1| grep ERROR | less

The following output may indicate issues in code. Simply fix code.

2018-01-01:00:59.730 7218 ERROR stevedore.extension [-] Could not load 'tripleo.undercloud.get_free_space': unexpected indent (, line 40):   File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/tripleo_common/actions/", line 40

Execute a single action or execute a workflow from an existing workbook to make sure it works as expected, for example:

Run a single Mistral action.

mistral run-action tripleo.undercloud.get_free_space '{"path": "/etc/"}'

mistral run-action tripleo.undercloud.create_file_system_backup '{"sources_path": "/tmp/asdf.txt,/tmp/asdf", "destination_path": "/tmp/"}'

Run a single Mistral workflow.

mistral execution-create tripleo.undercloud_backup.v1.filesystem_backup '{"sources_path": "/tmp/asdf.txt,/tmp/asdf", "destination_path": "/tmp/"}'