Running validations using Ansible

Running validations using Ansible


You can run the prep validations to verify the hardware. Later in the process, the validations will be run by the undercloud processes.

However, the undercloud is not set up yet. You can install Ansible on your local machine (that has SSH connectivity to the undercloud) and validate the undercloud from there.

You need Ansible version 2 and the hostname/IP address of the undercloud (referred to $UNDERCLOUD_HOST here):

$ sudo yum install ansible
$ git clone
$ cd tripleo-validations
$ printf "[undercloud]\n$UNDERCLOUD_HOST" > hosts

Then get the prep validations:

$ grep -l '^\s\+-\s\+prep' -r playbooks

And run them one by one:

$ ansible-playbook -i hosts playbooks/validation-name.yaml
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