Introduction to TripleO-Validations

This is a collection of Ansible playbooks to detect and report potential issues during TripleO deployments.

The validations will help to detect issues early in the deployment process and prevent field engineers from wasting time on misconfiguration or hardware issues in their environments.

All validations are written in Ansible and are written in a way that’s consumable by the Mistral Validation framework or by Ansible directly. They are available independently from the UI or the command line client.

Running TripleO-Validations using TripleO-Quickstart

TripleO-Quickstart allows you to run TripleO-Validations through the two ways of execution (according to the introduction above). The first one is using the Mistral framework and will run all the validations tests by group. The second one is using Ansible directly and the goal is to run negative tests. Both are launched through shell scripts and these scripts will be available in the undercloud in the home directory of the unprivileged account created by TripleO-Quickstart (by default the stack user).

Running Validations tests through Mistral

To enable TripleO-Validations run using Mistral, you need to set the run_tripleo_validations variable to True. By default this variable is set to False.

By Default, Tripleo-Quickstart won’t fail when a validations test will fail. If you want to disable this behaviour, you just need to set the exit_on_validations_failure to True.


Note that for most of these validations, a failure does not mean that you’ll be unable to deploy or run OpenStack. But it can indicate potential issues with long-term or production setups. If you’re running an environment for developing or testing TripleO, it’s okay that some validations fail. In a production setup they should not.

To run them manually, you can run the This script takes the name of validation group as an argument:

$ bash ./ [pre-introspection|pre-deployment|post-deployment]

For more informations about each validations tests owning to these groups, you can read:


If you want to know more about running a single or a group of validations, please take a look at the

Running Negative tests using Ansible

To enable negative tests run using Ansible, you need to set the run_tripleo_validations_negative_tests variable to True. By default this variable is set to False.