Installing API behind mod_wsgi

Installing API behind mod_wsgi

  1. Install the Apache Service:

    Fedora 21/RHEL7/CentOS7:
      sudo yum install httpd
    Fedora 22 (or higher):
      sudo dnf install httpd
      apt-get install apache2
  2. Copy etc/apache2/trove under the apache sites:

      sudo cp etc/apache2/trove /etc/httpd/conf.d/trove-api.conf
      sudo cp etc/apache2/trove /etc/apache2/sites-available/trove-api.conf
  3. Edit <apache-configuration-dir>/trove-api.conf according to installation and environment.

    • Modify the WSGIDaemonProcess directive to set the user and group values to appropriate user on your server.
    • Modify the WSGIScriptAlias directive to point to the trove/api/app.wsgi script.
    • Modify the Directory directive to set the path to the Trove API code.
    • Modify the ErrorLog and CustomLog to redirect the logs to the right directory.
  4. Enable the apache trove site and reload:

      sudo systemctl reload httpd
      sudo a2ensite trove
      sudo service apache2 reload
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