Verify operation

Verify operation of the Database service.


Perform these commands on the node where you installed trove.

  1. Source the admin tenant credentials:

    $ . admin-openrc
  2. Check the openstack database instance list command should work.

    $ openstack database instance list
  3. Add a datastore to trove:

    • Create and upload trove guest image. Create an image for the type of database you want to use, for example, MySQL, MariaDB, etc.

    • Create a datastore. You need to create at least one datastore version for each type of database supported. This example creates a datastore version for MySQL 5.7.29:

      $ openstack datastore version create 5.7.29 mysql mysql "" \
        --image-tags trove,mysql \
        --active --default
  4. Create a database instance.