OpenStack Upstream Institute Trainees’ Guide

How to prepare

  • Make sure you have a wifi enabled laptop with you.

  • Download the prepared virtual machine image and some environment for running the image (We suggest VirtualBox):

  • Prepare an environment by yourself from scratch:

    • Create a virtual machine on your laptop with Ubuntu 16.04 installed and 6+ GB of RAM.

    • Alternatively, you can use your virtual machine on a public cloud.

    • Check that you can ssh from your laptop to the virtual machine

    • Check that apt install works on the virtual machine

    • Read and complete the Setup IRC guide.

  • Go to the Account Setup page and complete the steps documented there to setup your OpenStack Foundation Account and accounts for accessing OpenStack’s bug and task tracking systems.

  • Prepare git in the virtual machine that was created above:

    • Complete the Configure Git steps documented on the Setup and Learn GIT page. If you are not familiar with Git you may want to also read the content under the Learning Git section.

    • Go to the Setting Up Your Gerrit Account page and follow the steps for Sign Up, Individual Contributor License Agreement, and optionally, the Setup SSH Keys.


Aside from the sections above, we will cover everything else that is in the Contributor Guide during the classes.


If you are attempting the steps above before the Upstream Institute class and need assistance you can find mentors in the #openstack-upstream-institute channel on