Contributing to Watcher

If you’re interested in contributing to the Watcher project, the following will help get you started.

Contributor License Agreement

In order to contribute to the Watcher project, you need to have signed OpenStack’s contributor’s agreement.

LaunchPad Project

Most of the tools used for OpenStack depend on a ID for authentication. After signing up for a launchpad account, join the “openstack” team to have access to the mailing list and receive notifications of important events.

Project Hosting Details

Bug tracker


Mailing list (prefix subjects with [watcher] for faster responses)


Code Hosting

Code Review,n,z

IRC Channel

#openstack-watcher (changelog)

Weekly Meetings

On Wednesdays at 14:00 UTC on even weeks in the #openstack-meeting-4 IRC channel, 13:00 UTC on odd weeks in the #openstack-meeting-alt IRC channel (meetings logs)