The watcher.applier.actions.migration Module

The watcher.applier.actions.migration Module

class watcher.applier.actions.migration.Migrate(config, osc=None)[source]

Bases: watcher.applier.actions.base.BaseAction

Migrates a server to a destination nova-compute host

This action will allow you to migrate a server to another compute destination host. Migration type ‘live’ can only be used for migrating active VMs. Migration type ‘cold’ can be used for migrating non-active VMs as well active VMs, which will be shut down while migrating.

The action schema is:

schema = Schema({
 'resource_id': str,  # should be a UUID
 'migration_type': str,  # choices -> "live", "cold"
 'destination_node': str,
 'source_node': str,

The resource_id is the UUID of the server to migrate. The source_node and destination_node parameters are respectively the source and the destination compute hostname (list of available compute hosts is returned by this command: nova service-list --binary nova-compute).


Nova API version must be 2.56 or above if destination_node parameter is given.


Executes the main logic of the action

This method can be used to perform an action on a given set of input parameters to accomplish some type of operation. This operation may return a boolean value as a result of its execution. If False, this will be considered as an error and will then trigger the reverting of the actions.

Returns:A flag indicating whether or not the action succeeded
Return type:bool

Description of the action


Hook: called after the execution of an action

This function is called regardless of whether an action succeeded or not. So you can use it to perform cleanup operations.


Hook: called before the execution of an action

This method can be used to perform some initializations or to make some more advanced validation on its input parameters. So if you wish to block its execution based on this factor, raise the related exception.


Revert this action

This method should rollback the resource to its initial state in the event of a faulty execution. This happens when the action raised an exception during its execute().

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