The watcher.decision_engine.model.collector.nova Module

The watcher.decision_engine.model.collector.nova Module

class watcher.decision_engine.model.collector.nova.ModelBuilder(osc)[source]

Bases: object

Build the graph-based model

This model builder adds the following data”

  • Compute-related knowledge (Nova)
  • TODO(v-francoise): Storage-related knowledge (Cinder)
  • TODO(v-francoise): Network-related knowledge (Neutron)

NOTE(v-francoise): This model builder is meant to be extended in the future to also include both storage and network information respectively coming from Cinder and Neutron. Some prelimary work has been done in this direction in but since we cannot guarantee a sufficient level of consistency for neither the storage nor the network part before the end of the Ocata cycle, this work has been re-scheduled for Pike. In the meantime, all the associated code has been commented out.


Build a compute node from a Nova compute node

Parameters:node (Hypervisor) – A node hypervisor instance

Instantiates the graph with the openstack cluster data.

The graph is populated along 2 layers: virtual and physical. As each new layer is built connections are made back to previous layers.

class watcher.decision_engine.model.collector.nova.NovaClusterDataModelCollector(config, osc=None)[source]

Bases: watcher.decision_engine.model.collector.base.BaseClusterDataModelCollector

Nova cluster data model collector

The Nova cluster data model collector creates an in-memory representation of the resources exposed by the compute service.


Build the compute cluster data model


Get audit scope handler

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