The watcher.decision_engine.strategy.strategies.actuation Module

The watcher.decision_engine.strategy.strategies.actuation Module

class watcher.decision_engine.strategy.strategies.actuation.Actuator(config, osc=None)[source]

Bases: watcher.decision_engine.strategy.strategies.base.UnclassifiedStrategy

Actuator that simply executes the actions given as parameter

This strategy allows anyone to create an action plan with a predefined set of actions. This strategy can be used for 2 different purposes:

  • Test actions
  • Use this strategy based on an event trigger to perform some explicit task

Strategy execution phase

This phase is where you should put the main logic of your strategy.

classmethod get_display_name()[source]

The goal display name for the strategy

classmethod get_name()[source]

The name of the strategy

classmethod get_schema()[source]

Defines a Schema that the input parameters shall comply to

Returns:A jsonschema format (mandatory default setting)
Return type:dict
classmethod get_translatable_display_name()[source]

The translatable msgid of the strategy


Post-execution phase

This can be used to compute the global efficacy


Pre-execution phase

This can be used to fetch some pre-requisites or data.

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