Install and configure

This section describes how to install and configure the Messaging service, code-named zaqar.

This section assumes that you already have a working OpenStack environment with at least Identity service installed.

Note that installation and configuration vary by distribution.

Possible Minimum Scalable HA Setup

Scalable HA (High availability) setup is out of scope in this chapter.

For a HA setup, a load balancer has to be placed in front of the web servers.

To provide high availability with minimum administration overhead for storage use MongoDB driver and for transport use wsgi driver.

To have a small footprint while providing HA, you can use two web servers which will host the application and three MongoDB servers (configured as replica-set) which will host Messaging service’s management store and message store databases. At larger scale, the management store database and the message store database are advised to be hosted on different MongoDB replica sets.