Manual Installation

Install Horizon according to Horizon documentation.


If your Horizon was installed by python3, Zun UI needs to be installed by python3 as well. For example, replace pip with pip3 and replace python with python3 for commands below.

Clone Zun UI from git repository, checkout branch same as Horizon and Zun, and install it:

git clone
cd zun-ui
git checkout <branch which you want>
pip install .

Enable Zun UI in your Horizon:

cp zun_ui/enabled/* <path to your horizon>/openstack_dashboard/local/enabled/

Run collectstatic command:

python <path to your horizon>/ collectstatic

Compress static files (if enabled):

python <path to your horizon>/ compress

Then restart your Horizon.

After restart your Horizon, reload dashboard forcely using [Ctrl + F5] or etc. in your browser.

Enabling in DevStack

Add this repo as an external repository into your local.conf file:

enable_plugin zun-ui