Additional hardening configurations

Although the Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) contains a very comprehensive set of security configurations, some ansible-hardening contributors want to add extra security configurations to the role. The contrib portion of the ansible-hardening role is designed to implement those configurations as an optional set of tasks.

The contrib hardening configurations are disabled by default, but they can be enabled by setting the following Ansible variable:

security_contrib_enabled: yes

The individual tasks are controlled by Ansible variables in defaults/main.yml that begin with security_contrib_.


C-00001 - Disable IPv6

Some systems do not require IPv6 connectivity and the presence of link local IPv6 addresses can present an additional attack surface for lateral movement. Deployers can set the following variable to disable IPv6 on all network interfaces:

security_contrib_disable_ipv6: yes


Deployers should test this change in a test environment before applying it in a production deployment. Applying this change to a production system that relies on IPv6 connectivity will cause unexpected downtime.