Each stable release of the OpenStack Charms project is backwards-compatible to cover all currently-supported combinations of Ubuntu + OpenStack, relative to the specific payload of each charm. The latest stable charm revision should be used before proceeding with topological changes, charm application migrations, workload upgrades, series upgrades, or bug reports.

Other supporting charms (Stable)

These charms have stable releases with ongoing maintenance and testing. They are classified differently because the payload of each is not technically an OpenStack project.

Tech-preview charms (Beta)

These charms do not have stable releases, even though they may technically have “stable/” branches. Regardless of any maintenance and testing that these charms may receive, some work (major bugs, payload packaging issues, project issues, general QA) is still required before the charms are ready for production use (promoted to Stable).

Alpha charms (Edge)

This classification of charms includes those which may be a proof-of-concept, a test fixture, or one which is in active development. They are not intended to be used in production. Supportability, upgradability, testability may be lacking, either from a charm perspective, or from the workload package perspective.

Maintenance-mode charms

These charms are in maintenance mode, meaning that new features and new releases are not actively being added or tested with them. Generally, these were produced for a demo, PoC, or as an example.

  • None at this time.

Deprecated charms

These charms have reached EOL and are deprecated.