Upgrade: Queens to Rocky

This page contains notes specific to the Queens to Rocky upgrade path. See the main OpenStack upgrade page for full coverage.

Keystone and Fernet tokens

Starting with OpenStack Rocky only the Fernet format for authentication tokens is supported. Therefore, prior to upgrading Keystone to Rocky a transition must be made from the legacy format (of UUID) to Fernet.

Fernet support is available upstream (and in the keystone charm) starting with Ocata so the transition can be made on either Ocata, Pike, or Queens.

A keystone charm upgrade will not alter the token format. The charm’s token-provider option must be used to make the transition:

juju config keystone token-provider=fernet

This change may result in a minor control plane outage but any running instances will remain unaffected.

The token-provider option has no effect starting with Rocky, where the charm defaults to Fernet and where upstream removes support for UUID. See Keystone Fernet Token Implementation for more information.