Upgrade: Stein to Train


This page has been identified as being affected by the breaking changes introduced between versions 2.9.x and 3.x of the Juju client. Read support note Breaking changes between Juju 2.9.x and 3.x before continuing.

This page contains notes specific to the Stein to Train upgrade path. See the main OpenStack upgrade page for full coverage.

New placement charm

This upgrade path requires the inclusion of a new charm. Please see special charm procedure placement charm: OpenStack upgrade to Train.

Placement endpoints not updated in Keystone service catalogue

When the placement charm is deployed during the upgrade to Train (as per the above section) the Keystone service catalogue is not updated accordingly. This issue is tracked in bug LP #1928992, which also includes an explicit workaround (comment #4).

Neutron LBaaS retired

As of Train, support for Neutron LBaaS has been retired. The load-balancing services are now provided by Octavia LBaaS. There is no automatic migration path, please review the Load balancing page in the Charm Guide for more information.

Designate encoding issue

When upgrading Designate to Train, there is an encoding issue between the designate-producer and memcached that causes the designate-producer to crash. See bug LP #1828534. This can be resolved by restarting the memcached service.

juju exec --application=memcached 'sudo systemctl restart memcached'

Ceph PG auto-scaler not enabled by default

The upgrade to Train implies an upgrade of Ceph from Mimic to Nautilus, which in turn includes the new PG auto-scaler Ceph module. However, this new feature is enabled by default only for new deployments. To enable it for an upgraded (to Nautilus) cluster:

juju config ceph-mon pg-autotune=true