The Zed OpenStack Charms release includes updates for the charms described on the Supported charms page. As of this release, the project consists of 62 stable charms.

For scheduling information of past and future releases see the Release schedule.


Release notes contents is superseded by updated information published in the Release notes (this guide) after the stable release of any given charm channel.


Always perform a charm upgrade before making any major changes to your cloud and before filing bug reports. Note that charm upgrades and OpenStack upgrades are functionally different. For instructions on performing the different upgrade types see the Upgrades overview page.

New stable charm features

With each new feature, there is a corresponding example bundle in the form of a test bundle, and/or a section in the OpenStack Charm Guide, that details its usage. Test bundles are located in the src/tests/bundles directory of the relevant charm repository (see all charm repositories).

ceph-mon charm: COS Lite support

Support for sending metrics to prometheus-k8s in the COS Lite observability stack has been added.

ovn charms: default to OVN 22.03 on Focal

On Focal, deployments of the OVN charms when using track 22.03 (--channel 22.03/stable) will use a new OVN specific UCA pocket. This is to ensure that a machine can simultaneously have OpenStack components from one source and OVN components from another.

This has no effect when upgrading the OVN charms or when scaling an existing application (new units). However, a new configuration option ovn-source has been added that can override this behaviour (i.e. payload upgrades will be triggered by charm upgrades and scaling).

Documentation updates

Deploy Guide to Charm Guide content migration

The Deploy Guide has historically hosted much of the documentation for the OpenStack Charms project. It is now dedicated to the manual (charm-by-charm) deployment of a cloud.

Going forward, the Charm Guide is now the primary source of documentation for the project. It also includes the “golden path” Getting Started tutorial on deploying Charmed OpenStack with a bundle and provides guidance for contributors (software and documentation).

Ongoing improvements

Significant improvements were made to the following resources:

  • Getting Started tutorial

  • Documentation contributor content

  • Upgrade pages

  • OVN pages

  • SR-IOV page

  • Charm delivery page

New tech-preview charms


The keystone-openidc charm provides OpenID Connect support for the OpenStack Keystone service. It is a subordinate charm used in conjunction with the keystone principal charm. When related to the openstack-dashboard charm it provides Web SSO support for Horizon.

Informational notices

NVIDIA vGPU Virtual Workstation

The Nova vGPU features in the Nova Compute charms were validated for use as the graphical display driver for Virtual Workstation usage.

See the Virtual GPU documentation for details on how to configure vGPU mediated device types for this specific use case.

Deprecation notices

ceph-mon charm: prometheus machine charm

Support for relating to the prometheus2 machine charm is deprecated and will be removed at some point in the future.

See new charm feature ceph-mon charm: COS Lite support above.