Google Cloud Storage backup driver

The Google Cloud Storage (GCS) backup driver backs up volumes of any type to Google Cloud Storage.

To enable the GCS backup driver, include the following option in the cinder.conf file:

backup_driver = cinder.backup.drivers.gcs.GoogleBackupDriver

The following configuration options are available for the GCS backup driver.

Description of GCS backup driver configuration options

Configuration option = Default value


backup_gcs_block_size = 32768

(Integer) The size in bytes that changes are tracked for incremental backups. backup_gcs_object_size has to be multiple of backup_gcs_block_size.

backup_gcs_bucket = None

(String) The GCS bucket to use.

backup_gcs_bucket_location = US

(String) Location of GCS bucket.

backup_gcs_credential_file = None

(String) Absolute path of GCS service account credential file.

backup_gcs_enable_progress_timer = True

(Boolean) Enable or Disable the timer to send the periodic progress notifications to Ceilometer when backing up the volume to the GCS backend storage. The default value is True to enable the timer.

backup_gcs_num_retries = 3

(Integer) Number of times to retry.

backup_gcs_object_size = 52428800

(Integer) The size in bytes of GCS backup objects.

backup_gcs_project_id = None

(String) Owner project id for GCS bucket.

backup_gcs_proxy_url = None

(URI) URL for http proxy access.

backup_gcs_reader_chunk_size = 2097152

(Integer) GCS object will be downloaded in chunks of bytes.

backup_gcs_retry_error_codes = [429]

(List of String) List of GCS error codes.

backup_gcs_storage_class = NEARLINE

(String) Storage class of GCS bucket.

backup_gcs_user_agent = gcscinder

(String) Http user-agent string for gcs api.

backup_gcs_writer_chunk_size = 2097152

(Integer) GCS object will be uploaded in chunks of bytes. Pass in a value of -1 if the file is to be uploaded as a single chunk.