S3 Storage backup driver

The S3 backup driver backs up volumes to any type of Amazon S3 and S3 compatible object storages.

To enable the S3 backup driver, include the following option in the cinder.conf file:

backup_driver = cinder.backup.drivers.s3.S3BackupDriver

The following configuration options are available for the S3 backup driver.

Description of S3 backup driver configuration options

Configuration option = Default value


backup_s3_block_size = 32768

(Integer) The size in bytes that changes are tracked for incremental backups. backup_s3_object_size has to be multiple of backup_s3_block_size.

backup_s3_ca_cert_file = None

(String) path/to/cert/bundle.pem - A filename of the CA cert bundle to use.

backup_s3_enable_progress_timer = True

(Boolean) Enable or Disable the timer to send the periodic progress notifications to Ceilometer when backing up the volume to the S3 backend storage. The default value is True to enable the timer.

backup_s3_endpoint_url = None

(String) The url where the S3 server is listening.

backup_s3_http_proxy = <>

(String) Address or host for the http proxy server.

backup_s3_https_proxy = <>

(String) Address or host for the https proxy server.

backup_s3_max_pool_connections = 10

(Integer) The maximum number of connections to keep in a connection pool.

backup_s3_md5_validation = True

(Boolean) Enable or Disable md5 validation in the s3 backend.

backup_s3_object_size = 52428800

(Integer) The size in bytes of S3 backup objects

backup_s3_retry_max_attempts = 4

(Integer) An integer representing the maximum number of retry attempts that will be made on a single request.

backup_s3_retry_mode = legacy

(String) A string representing the type of retry mode. e.g: legacy, standard, adaptive

backup_s3_sse_customer_algorithm = None

(String) The SSECustomerAlgorithm. backup_s3_sse_customer_key must be set at the same time to enable SSE.

backup_s3_sse_customer_key = None

(String) The SSECustomerKey. backup_s3_sse_customer_algorithm must be set at the same time to enable SSE.

backup_s3_store_access_key = None

(String) The S3 query token access key.

backup_s3_store_bucket = volumebackups

(String) The S3 bucket to be used to store the Cinder backup data.

backup_s3_store_secret_key = None

(String) The S3 query token secret key.

backup_s3_timeout = 60

(Float) The time in seconds till a timeout exception is thrown.

backup_s3_verify_ssl = True

(Boolean) Enable or Disable ssl verify.