cinder.volume.targets.nvmeof module

class NVMeOF(*args, **kwargs)

Bases: cinder.volume.targets.driver.Target

Target object for block storage devices with RDMA transport.

create_export(context, volume, volume_path)

Creates export data for a logical volume.

abstract create_nvmeof_target(volume_id, subsystem_name, target_ip, target_port, transport_type, nvmet_port_id, ns_id, volume_path)
abstract delete_nvmeof_target(target_name)
ensure_export(context, volume, volume_path)

Synchronously recreates an export for a volume.

get_nvmeof_location(nqn, target_ip, target_port, nvme_transport_type, nvmet_ns_id)

Serializes driver data into single line string.

initialize_connection(volume, connector)

Returns the connection info.

In NVMeOF driver, :driver_volume_type: is set to ‘nvmeof’, :data: is the driver data that has the value of _get_connection_properties.

Example return value:

    "driver_volume_type": "nvmeof",
        "target_portal": "",
        "target_port": 4420,
        "nqn": "nqn.volume-0001",
        "transport_type": "rdma",
        "ns_id": 10
protocol = 'nvmeof'
remove_export(context, volume)

Removes an export for a Target/Volume.

target_protocol_map = {'nvmet_rdma': 'rdma', 'nvmet_tcp': 'tcp'}
terminate_connection(volume, connector, **kwargs)

Disallow connection from connector.

exception UnsupportedNVMETProtocol(message: Optional[Union[str, tuple]] = None, **kwargs)

Bases: cinder.exception.Invalid

message = "An invalid 'target_protocol' value was provided: %(protocol)s"