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How to Use the Sandbox Projects

The tools that we are using in the community can look complicated if you are not familiar with them. To help you practice before you use them in action we are providing sandbox environments for you where you can practice all the steps we describe in this guide.

This section allows you to:

  • Get an overview of the available projects for practice

  • Get guidelines on how to use them

General Information

All the Sandbox repository and projects are identical to any other active project’s resources. You can find the same information and same functionality as well to ensure you can practice everything you need to know about the tool.

You get permissions to perform all the operations in the Sandbox project for the sake of practice. When you join a project as a contributor you will have limited access to the functionalities as there are actions only core reviewers can perform. You can find information about these in the respective sections of the Contributor Guide.

The Sandbox repository and projects are maintained by community members with occasional clean up. Please help us with the housekeeping and clean up your work, when you are finished with your practice and feel comfortable using the tool.

Sandbox Git Repository

Git is a version control system that we use to track changes to our source code and documentation.

You can find a sandbox Git repository where you can practice the Git commands before you put together a patch to resolve a bug or implement a new functionality.

You can find instructions on how to use Git in the Setup and Learn GIT section.

You can upload your changes to the sandbox repository and review it on Gerrit as it is described in the Using Gerrit section.

Sandbox Project on StoryBoard

Storyboard is a community-developed task tracking tool. The community-wide adoption of the tool is in progress, you will find more and more projects who migrated over to using StoryBoard already.

You can find a Sandbox project in the tool that provides all the functionalities to you as any of the other active projects.

Sandbox Project on Launchpad

Launchpad is one of the task tracking tools that the community is using.


Launchpad is deprecated and will be superceded by StoryBoard.

There is a Sandbox project available there which is created to track bugs and issues related to the opendev/sandbox repository.