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The Contributor Portal

What is the Contributor Portal?

The Contributor Portal provides the community with a landing page for new contributors to discover different ways to contribute to OpenStack.

There are different contribution categories listed, such as Code & Documentation and Users. Each one of these has their own contributor guide listed on the main page of the The OpenStack Contributor Guide.

Experienced contributors can find helpful reference links listed here too.

Proposing a New Contribution Category

Send your proposal to the OpenStack Discuss List with the email subject prefixed with [contributor-portal]. This will start discussions on accepting the new contribution category.

Proposing a Project Team Under Code & Documentation

The project teams listed under the ‘Code & Documentation’ section come from OpenStack’s governance repository project.yaml file. This file is a list of projects that are recognized by the Technical Committee. Project teams under this category should make sure their ‘contributor’ field is set to the URL of their specific contributor guide. See the project.yaml file file for examples.