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Checking Status in Zuul


This section assumes you have completed Using Gerrit.

This section allows you to:

  • Monitor your patches as they get tested by Zuul

  • Understand the underlying infrastructure and gating processes that OpenStack uses

What is Zuul

Zuul is a tool written and run by the OpenStack Infrastructure team that is used to manage running continuous infrastructure jobs. It provides projects with a way to define test jobs that will run on each proposed commit. These tests are required to pass in order for any proposed patch to merge.

When you push a patch to gerrit zuul will automatically trigger jobs to verify the patch functions properly.

Tracking Changes in Zuul status page

You can check the status of those jobs at any time by navigating to: https://zuul.openstack.org/


This will show you the status on all jobs running in zuul currently. You can expand jobs running on any patch by clicking on the box for a patch.


To find your specific patch in zuul you can use the search bar and search for the patch number. This will then filter what is displayed to just that patch: