Installing Cyborg API via WSGI

Cyborg-api service can be run either as a Python command that runs a web serve or As a WSGI application hosted by uwsgi. This document is a guide to deploy cyborg-api using uwsgi. In devstack, uwsgi is used by default for development.

WSGI Application

The function cyborg.api.wsgi_app.init_application will setup a WSGI application to run behind uwsgi.

Cyborg API behind uwsgi

Create a cyborg-api-uwsgi file with content below:

chmod-socket = 666
socket = /var/run/uwsgi/cyborg-wsgi-api.socket
lazy-apps = true
add-header = Connection: close
buffer-size = 65535
hook-master-start = unix_signal:15 gracefully_kill_them_all
thunder-lock = true
plugins = python
enable-threads = true
worker-reload-mercy = 90
exit-on-reload = false
die-on-term = true
master = true
processes = 2
wsgi-file = /usr/local/bin/cyborg-wsgi-api

Start cyborg-api:

# uwsgi --ini /etc/cyborg/cyborg-api-uwsgi.ini