REST API Version History

This documents the changes made to the REST API with every microversion change. The description for each version should be a verbose one which has enough information to be suitable for use in user documentation.

A user can specify a header in the API request:

OpenStack-API-Version: accelerator <microversion>

where <microversion> is any valid api microversion for this API.

If no version is specified then the API will behave as if a version request of v2.0 was requested.


This is the initial version of the v2 API which supports microversions.

2.1 (Maximum in Victoria)

Add project_id for Accelerator Requests PATCH API. project_id is used to control the operation of arq with different roles.


Changed device_profile_uuid to device_profile_name_or_uuid in Get One Device Profile API path, so support getting device profile by name (newly introduced) and uuid.

  • GET /v2/device_profiles/{device_profile_name_or_uuid}


Add new status info for list Device and get device API.

  • GET: /devices

  • GET: /devices/{uuid}