Agent Backend

This page documents using the various Agent backends, and it’s accompanying service, designate-agent. This backend uses an extension of the DNS protocol itself to send management requests to the remote agent processes, where the requests will be actioned.

The rpc traffic between designate and the agent is both unauthenticated and unencrypted. Do not run this traffic over unsecured networks.

Designate Configuration

For each designate-agent running, add a target to the pools.yaml configuration file, using the following template:

    - type: agent
      description: Agent Server 1

      # List out the designate-mdns servers from which Agent servers should
      # request zone transfers (AXFRs) from.
        - host:
          port: 5354

      # Agent Configuration options, this should be this targets
      # designate-agent service's host and port.
        port: 5358

Then update the designate pools database using the designate-manage pool command - see designate-manage pool for further details on the designate-manage pool command:

$ designate-manage pool update