Akamai v2 Backend

This page documents using the Akamai v2 backend. The backend uses the FastDNS V2 API to create and delete zones remotely.

Designate Configuration

Example configuration required: One section for each pool target

- name: default-akamai-v2
  # The name is immutable. There will be no option to change the name after
  # creation and the only way will to change it will be to delete it
  # (and all zones associated with it) and recreate it.
  description: Akamai v2

  attributes: {}

  # List out the NS records for zones hosted within this pool
    - hostname: ns1-1.example.org.
      priority: 1

  # List out the nameservers for this pool. These are the actual Akamai servers.
  # We use these to verify changes have propagated to all nameservers.
    - host:
      port: 53

  # List out the targets for this pool. For Akamai, most often, there will be
  # one entry for each Akamai server.
    - type: akamai_v2
      description: Akamai v2 server

      # List out the designate-mdns servers from which Akamai servers should
      # request zone transfers (AXFRs) from.
        - host:
          port: 5354

        port: 53
        akamai_client_token: client_token_string
        akamai_access_token: access_token_string
        akamai_client_secret: client_secret_string
        akamai_contract_id: contract_id
        akamai_gid: group_id

Then update the pools in designate - see designate-manage pool for further details on the designate-manage pool command

$ designate-manage pool update