Boot and delete VM with reboot of one of controllers

This report is generated on results collected by execution of the following Rally scenario:

            name: "m1.micro"
            name: "(^cirros.*uec$|TestVM)"
        force_delete: false
        type: "constant_for_duration"
        duration: 600
        concurrency: 4
          tenants: 1
          users_per_tenant: 1
          name: fault_injection
            action: reboot one node with rabbitmq service
            name: event
              unit: iteration
              at: [50] Summary

In this scenario we reboot one of controllers (in Fuel architecture controller runs DB, MQ, API services, scheduler). The observed recovery period corresponds to time needed for a node to reboot, start services and get back to sync state.

Service downtime, s MTTR, s Absolute performance degradation, s Relative performance degradation, ratio
8.7 ±1.6 286.89 ±0.87 14.7 ±4.7 3.85 ±0.91
  • Service downtime is the time interval between the first and the last errors.
  • MTTR is the mean time to recover service performance after the fault.
  • Absolute performance degradation is an absolute difference between the mean of operation duration during recovery period and the baseline’s.
  • Relative performance degradation is the ratio between the mean of operation duration during recovery period and the baseline’s. Details

This section contains individual data for particular scenario runs. Run #1

../../../../../../_images/plot_120.svg Baseline

Baseline samples are collected before the start of fault injection. They are used to estimate service performance degradation after the fault.

Samples Median, s Mean, s Std dev 95% percentile, s
36 5.1 5.2 0.63 6.1 Service downtime

The tested service is not available during the following time period(s).

# Downtime, s
1 8.7 ±2.5 Service performance degradation

The tested service has measurable performance degradation during the following time period(s).

# Time to recover, s Absolute degradation, s Relative degradation
1 286.89 ±0.76 14.7 ±4.7 3.85 ±0.91