6.21. Telemetry Services resource consumption/scalability test results on Gnocchi with CephStorage driver

This report is generated for Telemetry Services resource consumption/scalability testing test plan.

6.21.1. Test Environment Environment description

The environment description includes hardware specs, software versions, tunings and configuration of the OpenStack Cloud under test. Hardware

Deployment node (Undercloud) (1 Machine)

Parameter Value
model Dell PowerEdge r620
CPU 2xIntel(R) Xeon(R) E5-2620v2 @ 2.10GHz (12Cores/24Threads)
Memory 8x8192MiB - 64GiB (@1333MHz)
RAID Cont PERC H710 Mini Embedded (512MB Cache)
Disk 2 x 1TB 7.2K SATA Drive in RAID 1
Network 2x1Gb/s Integrated(Offline), 2x10Gb/s Intel x520

Controller (3 Machines)

Parameter Value
model Dell PowerEdge r620
CPU 2xIntel(R) Xeon(R) E5-2620 @ 2.00GHz (12Cores/24Threads)
Memory 8x8192MiB - 64GiB (@1333MHz)
RAID Cont PERC H710 Mini Embedded (1024MB Cache)
Disk 2 x 1TB 7.2K SATA Drive in RAID 1
Network 2x1Gb/s Integrated(Offline), 2x10Gb/s Intel x520

Compute (10 Machines)

Parameter Value
model Dell PowerEdge r620
CPU 2xIntel(R) Xeon(R) E5-2620 @ 2.00GHz (12Cores/24Threads)
Memory 8x8192MiB - 64GiB (@1333MHz)
RAID Cont PERC H710 Mini Embedded (1024MB Cache)
Disk 2 x 1TB 7.2K SATA Drive in RAID 1
Network 2x1Gb/s Integrated(Offline), 2x10Gb/s Intel x520

CephStorage (4 Machines)

Parameter Value
model Dell PowerEdge r930
CPU 4xIntel(R) Xeon(R) E7-4830v3 @ 2.10GHz (48Cores/96Threads)
Memory 32x16384MiB - 512GiB (@1333MHz)
RAID Cont PERC H730P Adapter (2048MB Cache)
Disk 9 x 300GB 10K SAS Drives each in Single RAID 0 (JBOD) 1xOS Disk, 7xOSDs with co-hosted journal
Network 2x1Gb/s Integrated(Offline), 2x10Gb/s Intel x520 Integrated 2x10Gb/s Intel x520 Adapter

Additional Hardware for testing/monitoring/results

  • Performance Monitoring Host (Carbon/Graphite/Grafana) Software


  • ceph-base-10.2.3-13.el7cp.x86_64
  • ceph-common-10.2.3-13.el7cp.x86_64
  • ceph-mon-10.2.3-13.el7cp.x86_64
  • ceph-osd-10.2.3-13.el7cp.x86_64
  • ceph-radosgw-10.2.3-13.el7cp.x86_64
  • ceph-selinux-10.2.3-13.el7cp.x86_64
  • libcephfs1-10.2.3-13.el7cp.x86_64
  • openstack-ceilometer-api-7.0.0-4.el7ost.noarch
  • openstack-ceilometer-central-7.0.0-4.el7ost.noarch
  • openstack-ceilometer-collector-7.0.0-4.el7ost.noarch
  • openstack-ceilometer-common-7.0.0-4.el7ost.noarch
  • openstack-ceilometer-compute-7.0.0-4.el7ost.noarch
  • openstack-ceilometer-notification-7.0.0-4.el7ost.noarch
  • openstack-ceilometer-polling-7.0.0-4.el7ost.noarch
  • openstack-cinder-9.0.0-13.el7ost.noarch
  • openstack-glance-13.0.0-1.el7ost.noarch
  • openstack-gnocchi-api-3.0.2-1.el7ost.noarch
  • openstack-gnocchi-carbonara-3.0.2-1.el7ost.noarch
  • openstack-gnocchi-common-3.0.2-1.el7ost.noarch
  • openstack-gnocchi-indexer-sqlalchemy-3.0.2-1.el7ost.noarch
  • openstack-gnocchi-metricd-3.0.2-1.el7ost.noarch
  • openstack-gnocchi-statsd-3.0.2-1.el7ost.noarch
  • openstack-heat-api-7.0.0-7.el7ost.noarch
  • openstack-heat-api-cfn-7.0.0-7.el7ost.noarch
  • openstack-heat-api-cloudwatch-7.0.0-7.el7ost.noarch
  • openstack-heat-common-7.0.0-7.el7ost.noarch
  • openstack-heat-engine-7.0.0-7.el7ost.noarch
  • openstack-keystone-10.0.0-3.el7ost.noarch
  • openstack-neutron-9.1.0-7.el7ost.noarch
  • openstack-neutron-bigswitch-agent-9.40.0-1.1.el7ost.noarch
  • openstack-neutron-bigswitch-lldp-9.40.0-1.1.el7ost.noarch
  • openstack-neutron-common-9.1.0-7.el7ost.noarch
  • openstack-neutron-lbaas-9.1.0-1.el7ost.noarch
  • openstack-neutron-metering-agent-9.1.0-7.el7ost.noarch
  • openstack-neutron-ml2-9.1.0-7.el7ost.noarch
  • openstack-neutron-openvswitch-9.1.0-7.el7ost.noarch
  • openstack-neutron-sriov-nic-agent-9.1.0-7.el7ost.noarch
  • openstack-nova-api-14.0.2-7.el7ost.noarch
  • openstack-nova-cert-14.0.2-7.el7ost.noarch
  • openstack-nova-common-14.0.2-7.el7ost.noarch
  • openstack-nova-compute-14.0.2-7.el7ost.noarch
  • openstack-nova-conductor-14.0.2-7.el7ost.noarch
  • openstack-nova-console-14.0.2-7.el7ost.noarch
  • openstack-nova-novncproxy-14.0.2-7.el7ost.noarch
  • openstack-nova-scheduler-14.0.2-7.el7ost.noarch
  • openstack-swift-plugin-swift3-1.11.0-2.el7ost.noarch
  • openstack-swift-proxy-2.10.0-6.el7ost.noarch
  • openstack-swift-container-2.10.0-6.el7ost.noarch
  • openstack-swift-object-2.10.0-6.el7ost.noarch
  • openstack-swift-account-2.10.0-6.el7ost.noarch Tuning/Configuration

Parameter Value
Gnocchi Metricd Processes 6 (Default)
Gnocchi API Deployment Deployed in httpd
Gnocchi API Process Count 6 processes (Default)
Gnocchi API Thread Count 1 thread per process (Default)
Gnocchi Storage Driver Ceph
Gnocchi Other metric_processing_delay = 60 (Default) aggregation_workers_number = 1 (Default)
Ceilometer Dispatcher meter_dispatchers=gnocchi archive_policy=low
Ceilometer Polling 600s (Default)
Ceilometer Processes 1 ceilometer-agent-notification 1 ceilometer-collector 1 ceilometer-polling
Keystone Processes 24 admin, 24 main (Single thread/process)
Nova Processes 48 api, 24 conductor, 1 scheduler
Neutron Processes 24 api, 24 rpc, 24 metadata, 1 l3, 1 dhcp
Cinder Processes 24 api, 1 scheduler, 1 volume
Heat Processes 24 api, 24 cfn, 24 cloudwatch, 24 engine
Glance Processes 24 api, 24 registry
Swift Processes 1 proxy, account, container, object server 1 for all other swift processes
Aodh Processes 1 evaluator, 1 listener, 1 notifier System Performance Monitoring

System performance metrics were recorded into a separate metrics collection/storage/analysis system. Carbon, Graphite, and Grafana with dashboards for monitoring system resource utilization was provided via Browbeat. Gnocchi’s backlog was monitored using a collectd plugin to query Gnocchi’s status api. The plugin is available here (https://github.com/akrzos/gnocchi-status-collectd) Test Diagram


6.21.2. Test Case 1 Description

Boot 100 persisting instances every 1800 seconds until 1000 instances booted and running in OpenStack cloud.


  1. Amount of Instances to boot per period: 100 (5 concurrency at a time)
  2. Amount of time to wait between booting periods: 1800s
  3. Maximum number of instances: 1000

Stopping/Failure Conditions

  • Max number of instances achieved
  • Failure to boot instances
  • Failure for Telemetry Services to consume metrics
  • Other service failures/errors
  • System out of Resources (ex. CPU 100% utilized) Setup

  1. Deploy OpenStack Cloud
  2. Install testing and monitoring tooling
  3. Gather metadata on Cloud
  4. Run test
  5. Tune if necessary/possible Analysis/Results

Gnocchi with a Ceph Storage driver sustained collecting and processing metrics on 1000 instances with tuning several parameters.

  • Gnocchi - 48 metricd workers on each controller
  • Gnocchi - metric_processing_delay = 30
  • Ceph - 512 pgs for metrics pool (32 OSDs)

Through several experiments, the Gnocchi Metricd worker count was tuned at deployment/installation rather than during or post workload initation. At the top end of the workload it was noticed just a little bit more processing capacity was needed thus metric_processing_delay was decreased from 60s to 30s. This improved the capacity and the backlog dropped quickly. Ceph’s pgs were also tuned during the deployment timeframe and pgcalc was used to determine the number of pgs for the given number of OSDs. PGcalc is available at http://ceph.com/pgcalc/

Resource Utilization Graphs



Gnocchi Status


CPU Utilization On Controllers


Memory Utilization on Controllers


Disk IO Utilization on Controllers


Error Logs on Controllers


CPU Utilization On CephStorage Nodes


Memory Utilization on CephStorage Nodes


Disk IO Utilization on CephStorage Nodes


Post running the test, it was found at exactly 00:00 UTC, Gnocchi is performing additional work which caused its backlog to grow again. During this timeframe there is less cpu utilization on the controllers and less disk IO utilization on the Ceph storage nodes. Eventually it catchs back up but more analysis will need to be done to determine exactly what Gnocchi was doing that caused its backlog to grow at that specific timeframe.