Rally v0.0.3


Commits 53
Bug fixes 14
Dev cycle 33 days
Release date 14/Apr/2015


This release contains new features, new benchmark plugins, bug fixes, various code and API improvements.

New Features & API changes

  • Add the ability to specify versions for clients in benchmark scenarios

    You can call self.clients("glance", "2") and get any client for specific version.

  • Add API for tempest uninstall

    $ rally-manage tempest uninstall # removes fully tempest for active deployment

  • Add a --uuids-only option to rally task list

    $ rally task list --uuids-only # returns list with only task uuids

  • Adds endpoint to --fromenv deployment creation

    $ rally deployment create --fromenv # recognizes standard OS_ENDPOINT environment variable

  • Configure SSL per deployment

    Now SSL information is deployment specific not Rally specific and rally.conf option is deprecated

    Like in this sample https://github.com/openstack/rally/blob/14d0b5ba0c75ececfdb6a6c121d9cf2810571f77/samples/deployments/existing.json#L11-L12



  • Benchmark Scenario Runners:

    • Add a maximum concurrency option to rps runner

      To avoid running to heavy load you can set 'concurrency' to configuration and in case if cloud is not able to process all requests it won't start more parallel requests then 'concurrency' value.

  • Benchmark Scenarios:

    [new] CeilometerAlarms.create_alarm_and_get_history

    [new] KeystoneBasic.get_entities

    [new] EC2Servers.boot_server

    [new] KeystoneBasic.create_and_delete_service

    [new] MuranoEnvironments.list_environments

    [new] MuranoEnvironments.create_and_delete_environment

    [new] NovaServers.suspend_and_resume_server

    [new] NovaServers.pause_and_unpause_server

    [new] NovaServers.boot_and_rebuild_server

    [new] KeystoneBasic.create_and_list_services

    [new] HeatStacks.list_stacks_and_events

    [improved] VMTask.boot_runcommand_delete

    restore ability to use fixed IP and floating IP to connect to VM via ssh

    [fix] NovaServers.boot_server_attach_created_volume_and_live_migrate

    Kwargs in nova scenario were wrongly passed

  • Benchmark SLA:

    • [new] aborted_on_sla

    This is internal SLA criteria, that is added if task was aborted

    • [new] something_went_wrong

    This is internal SLA criteria, that is added if something went wrong, context failed to create or runner raised some exceptions

Bug fixes

14 bugs were fixed, the most critical are:

  • Set default task uuid to running task. Before it was set only after task was fully finished.
  • The "rally task results" command showed a disorienting "task not found" message for a task that is currently running.
  • Rally didn't know how to reconnect to OpenStack in case if token expired.


  • New tutorial task templates


  • Various fixes