Rally v0.1.1


Commits 32
Bug fixes 9
Dev cycle 11 days
Release date 6/October/2015


This release contains new features, new 6 plugins, 9 bug fixes, various code and API improvements.

New Features

  • Rally verify generates proper tempest.conf file now

    Improved script that generates tempest.conf, now it works out of box for most of the clouds and most of Tempest tests will pass without hacking it.

  • Import Tempest results to Rally DB

    rally verify import command allows you to import already existing Tempest results and work with them as regular "rally verify start" results: generate HTML/CSV reports & compare different runs.

API Changes

Rally CLI changes

  • [add] rally verify import imports raw Tempest results to Rally

Specs & Feature requests

There is no new specs and feature requests.


  • Scenarios:

    [new] NeutronNetworks.create_and_list_floating_ips

    [new] NeutronNetworks.create_and_delete_floating_ips

    [new] MuranoPackages.import_and_list_packages

    [new] MuranoPackages.import_and_delete_package

    [new] MuranoPackages.import_and_filter_applications

    [new] MuranoPackages.package_lifecycle

    [improved] NovaKeypair.boot_and_delete_server_with_keypair

    New argument server_kwargs, these kwargs are used to boot server.

    [fix] NeutronLoadbalancerV1.create_and_delete_vips

    Now it works in case of concurrency > 1

  • Contexts:

    [improved] network

    Network context accepts two new arguments: subnets_per_network and network_create_args.

    [fix] network

    Fix cleanup if nova-network is used. Networks should be dissociate from project before deletion

    [fix] custom_image

    Nova server that is used to create custom image was not deleted if script that prepares server failed.

Bug fixes

9 bugs were fixed, the most critical are:

  • Fix install_rally.sh script

    Set 777 access to /var/lib/rally/database file if system-wide method of installation is used.

  • Rally HTML reports Overview table had few mistakes

    • Success rate was always 100%
    • Percentiles were wrongly calculated
  • Missing Ironic, Murano and Workload(vm) options in default config file

  • rally verify start failed while getting network_id

  • rally verify genconfig hangs forever if Horizon is not available


  • Fix project maintainers page

    Update the information about Rally maintainers

  • Document rally --plugin-paths CLI argument

  • Code blocks in documentation looks prettier now