Rally v0.3.1


Commits 9
Bug fixes 6
Dev cycle 2 days
Release date 2/18/2016


This release is more about bug-fixes than features.


Please, update 0.3.0 to latest one.


  • Pass api_versions info to glance images context
  • [Verify] Don't create new flavor when flavor already exists

Bug fixes

6 bugs were fixed, the most critical are:

  • #1545889: Existing deployment with given endpoint doesn't work anymore
  • #1547092: Insecure doesn't work with Rally 0.3.0
  • #1547083: Rally Cleanup failed with api_versions context in 0.3.0 release
  • #1544839: Job gate-rally-dsvm-zaqar-zaqar fails since the recent Rally patch
  • #1544522: Non-existing "called_once_with" method of Mock library is used