Rally v0.9.0


Release date 3/20/2017


Command Line Interface

  • rally plugin list now does not contain hidden plugins.

Task component

  • Added check for duplicated keys in task files.
  • The order of subtasks (scenarios/workloads) is not ignored any more. You can generate whatever you want load or use that feature for up the cloud (put small scenario to the start of task to wake up the cloud before the real load).
  • Information about workload creation is added to HTML-reports.
  • Task statuses is changed to be more clear and cover more cases:
  • verifying is renamed to validating.
  • failed is divided for 2 statuses - validation_failed, which means that task did not pass validation step, and crashed, which means that something went wrong in rally engine.
  • Our awesome cleanup become more awesome! The filter mechanism is improved to discover resources in projects created only by Rally (it works for most of resources, except several network-related ). It makes possible to run Rally with existing users in real tenants without fear to remove something important.

Verification component

  • Fixed an issue with missed tests while listing all supported tests of specified verifier.
  • Fixed an issue with displaying the wrong version of verifier in case of cloning from the local directory.
  • Extend rally verify rerun with --detailed, --no-use, --tag and --concurrency arguments.
  • Add output examples for JSON and JUnit-XML reporters.



  • Extend cinder quotas to support backups and backup_gigabytes.

Deployment Engines:

Updated Extend DevstackEngine with enable_plugin option.

OpenStack clients:

  • Extend support for auth urls like https://example.com:35357/foo/bar/v3
  • Pass endpoint type to heatclient


  • NEW!!


  • Extend required_contexts validator to support at least one of the logic.
  • Fix a bunch of JSON schemas which are used for validation of all plugins.


We totally reworked Plugins Reference page. Now it looks more like Command Line Interface, which means that you can get links for particular parameter of particular plugin.

Also, you can find expected parameters and their types of all contexts, hooks, SLAs and so on! Most of them still miss descriptions, but we are working on adding them.

Fixed bugs

  • [osclients] Custom auth mechanism was used for zaqarclient instead of unified keystonesession, which led to auth errors at some envs.
  • [plugins] During running CinderVolumes.create_and_restore_volume_backup scenario we had a race problem with backup deleting due to wrong check of backup status.
  • [plugins][verifications] Jenkins expexts "classname" JUnitXML attribute instead of "class_name".


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