Since the Newton release, TripleO ships with extensible checks for verifying the undercloud configuration, hardware setup, and the deployment to find common issues early.

The TripleO GUI runs the validations automatically. While work is underway for having them in the command line workflow, too, they need to be run by calling a Mistral workflow currently.

The validations are assigned into various groups that indicate when in the deployment workflow are they expected to run:

  • prep validations check the hardware configuration of the undercloud node and should be run before openstack undercloud install.
  • pre-introspection should be run before we introspect nodes using Ironic Inspector.
  • pre-deployment validations should be executed before openstack overcloud deploy
  • post-deployment should be run after the overcloud deployment has finished.

Note that for most of these validations, a failure does not mean that you’ll be unable to deploy or run OpenStack. But it can indicate potential issues with long-term or production setups. If you’re running an environment for developing or testing TripleO, it’s okay that some validations fail. In a production setup they should not.

The list of all existing validations and their groups is on the tripleo-validations documentation page.

Running a single validation

If you want to run one validation in particular (because you’re trying things out or want to see whether you fixed the failure), you can run it like so:

$ source stackrc
$ openstack workflow execution create tripleo.validations.v1.run_validation '{"validation_name": "undercloud-ram"}'

This will run the “undercloud-ram.yaml” validation. All validations are stored in the /usr/share/openstack-tripleo-validations/validations/ directory, so to get the name of the validation (undercloud-ram here) find the right one there and use its filename without an extension.

The command will return an execution ID, which you can query for the results. To find out whether the validation finished, run:

$ openstack workflow execution show ID

Note the State value: it can be either RUNNING or SUCCESS. Note that success here only means that the validation finished, not that it succeeded. To find that out, we need to read its output:

$ mistral execution-get-output ID | jq .stdout -r


There is an openstack workflow execution show output command which should do the same thing, but it currently doesn’t work in all environments supported by TripleO.

This will return the hosts the validation ran against, any warnings and error messages it encountered along the way as well as an overall summary.

Running a group of validations

The deployment documentation highlights places where you can run a specific group of validations. Here’s how to run the pre-deployment validations:

$ source stackrc
$ openstack workflow execution create tripleo.validations.v1.run_groups '{"group_names": ["pre-deployment"]}'

Unfortunately, getting the results of all these validations is more complicated than in the case a single one. You need to see the tasks the workflow above generated and see their results one by one:

$ openstack task execution list

Look for tasks with the run_validation name. Then take the ID of each of those and run:

$ mistral task-get-result ID | jq .stdout -r


There is a task execution show result command that should do the same thing, but it’s not working on all platforms supported by TripleO.

Since this can be tedious and hard to script, you can get the list of validations belonging to a group instead and run them one-by-one using the method above:

$ openstack action execution run tripleo.validations.list_validations '{"groups": ["pre-deployment"]}' | jq ".result[] | .id"
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