Horizon Decorators

Horizon Decorators

General-purpose decorators for use with Horizon.


Performs user authentication check.

Similar to Django’s login_required decorator, except that this throws NotAuthenticated exception if the user is not signed-in.

horizon.decorators.require_component_access(view_func, component)[source]

Perform component can_access check to access the view.

:param component containing the view (panel or dashboard).

Raises a NotAuthorized exception if the user cannot access the component containing the view. By example the check of component policy rules will be applied to its views.

horizon.decorators.require_perms(view_func, required)[source]

Enforces permission-based access controls.

Parameters:required (list) – A tuple of permission names, all of which the request user must possess in order access the decorated view.

Example usage:

from horizon.decorators import require_perms

@require_perms(['foo.admin', 'foo.member'])
def my_view(request):

Raises a NotAuthorized exception if the requirements are not met.

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