System Requirements

The Ussuri release of horizon has the following dependencies.

  • Python 3.6 or 3.7

  • Django 2.2

    • Django support policy is documented at Django support.

    • Ussuri release uses Django 2.2 (the latest LTS) as the primary Django version. The prevouos LTS of Django 1.11 will be dropped during Ussuri cycle. Django 2.0 support will be dropped as well.

  • An accessible keystone endpoint

  • All other services are optional. Horizon supports the following services as of the Stein release. If the keystone endpoint for a service is configured, horizon detects it and enables its support automatically.

    • cinder: Block Storage

    • glance: Image Management

    • neutron: Networking

    • nova: Compute

    • swift: Object Storage

    • Horizon also supports many other OpenStack services via plugins. For more information, see the Plugin Registry.