Nested View

The view nested module handles creating Jenkins Nested views.

To create a nested view specify nested in the view-type attribute to the Nested View definition.

View Parameters:
  • name (str): The name of the view.
  • view-type (str): The type of view.
  • description (str): A description of the view. (default ‘’)
  • filter-executors (bool): Show only executors that can execute the included views. (default false)
  • filter-queue (bool): Show only included jobs in builder queue. (default false)
  • views (list): The views to nest.
  • default-view (str): Name of the view to use as the default from the nested ones. (the first one by default)
  • columns (list): List of columns to be shown in view. (default empty list)


name: NestedViewTest
view-type: nested
  - name: All
    view-type: all
  - status
  - weather