Pipeline View

The view pipeline module handles creating Jenkins Build Pipeline views. To create a pipeline view specify pipeline in the view-type attribute to the Pipeline View definition. Requires the Jenkins Build Pipeline Plugin.

View Parameters:
  • name (str): The name of the view.
  • view-type (str): The type of view.
  • description (str): A description of the view. (optional)
  • filter-executors (bool): Show only executors that can execute the included views. (default false)
  • filter-queue (bool): Show only included jobs in builder queue. (default false)
  • first-job (str): Parent Job in the view.
  • no-of-displayed-builds (str): Number of builds to display. (default 1)
  • title (str): Build view title. (optional)
  • linkStyle (str): Console output link style. Can be ‘Lightbox’, ‘New Window’, or ‘This Window’. (default Lightbox)
  • css-Url (str): Url for Custom CSS files (optional)
  • latest-job-only (bool) Trigger only latest job. (default false)
  • manual-trigger (bool) Always allow manual trigger. (default false)
  • show-parameters (bool) Show pipeline parameters. (default false)
  • parameters-in-headers (bool) Show pipeline parameters in headers. (default false)
  • starts-with-parameters (bool) Use Starts with parameters. (default false)
  • refresh-frequency (str) Frequency to refresh in seconds. (default ‘3’)
  • definition-header (bool) Show pipeline definition header. (default false)


name: testBPview
view-type: pipeline
description: 'This is a description'
filter-executors: false
filter-queue: false
first-job: job-one
no-of-displayed-builds: 5
title: Title
link-style: New Window
css-Url: fake.urlfor.css
latest-job-only: true
manual-trigger: true
show-parameters: true
parameters-in-headers: true
start-with-parameters: true
refresh-frequency: 3
definition-header: true


name: testBPview
view-type: pipeline
first-job: job-one